National Academy of Sciences of Belarus
Dear partners and friends. We are glad to inform you that the UE "FERRIT" is taking part in the Belarusian Industrial Forum 2017, the largest national show of technologies and innovations. We are waiting for you at our booth in the cluster of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Belarus
In the current year, the enterprise mass-produced arched metal detectors to ensure safety on all types of objects. It is possible to supply products with both standard characteristics and for the specific needs of consumers.
Dear partners and our friends, in your jubilee 25th year since its foundation, Ferrerit Enterprise expresses its deep gratitude and appreciation to you for being with us all these years and allowing us to achieve the results that we now deserve to be proud of.

Republic of Belarus, 220072,
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Energy efficient technologies in your service!

Frame Metal Detector (Arched)


The company has mastered the production of a metal frame detector (arched). Frame metal detector is one of the main elements of security at virtually any facility that involves the passage of people. The device is designed for the rapid determination of metal objects carried by a person (from small coins to a knife and a pistol) at such facilities as airports, railway stations, subways, checkpoints, clubs, customs, government agencies, as well as during mass cultural events with a large crowd of peopleMetal detector frame (arched).

 Frame metal detector is an effective, easy and mobile solution to security issues!

Conveyor metal detector


Our company has begun to produce metal detectors with detachable detection frame. These detectors are designed for installation on a conveyor and are capable of detecting the presence of ferrous (including stainless steel) and non-ferrous metals in the product being moved. The product is made on a modern element base with the use of the latest DSP processors. The equipment is already installed at the plant for the production of building materials, wood processing plant.


Belt conveyor

Our company has mastered the production of one of the most common types of conveyors used almost everywhere due to its versatility and ease of maintenance. Belt conveyor is an indispensable assistant in production, as it allows to ensure uninterrupted work by continuous supply of materials or finished products.


Magnets lifting MG series

Lifting magnets are designed to capture and transport manually or by crane mechanisms cargo from ferromagnetic materials. The scope of application of these products is huge, for example, they allow you to reduce the time for slinging sheet metal several times. It is also impossible not to appreciate the convenience of extracting products from the workpiece after laser or plasma cutting. Captures are made a different loading capacity 75kg, 125kg, 250kg, 500kg, 1000kg, 2000kg, 3000kg.


Magnetic blocks SBM for fastening formwork

The permanent magnet formwork system is used to quickly and efficiently fasten (fix) the formwork during the molding of reinforced concrete products on metal sheets. With the help of special blocks of magnetic SBM, you can easily and quickly rebuild the formwork system, creating any formwork structure from wooden or metal formwork. Magnetic blocks are produced with different traction forces of 450 kgf, 900kgs, 1350kgs, 1600 kgf, 2500kgs.

Our company offers services for applying polyurethane coatings to repair or protect equipment.


Polyurethane coatings allow to solve many problems associated with the operation of equipment:

  • wear protection
  • corrosion protection
  • protection against alkalis and acids
  • soundproofing
  • elimination of cracks and damage
  • increase equipment life